Hello sunshine

Flaming June has arrived, at least for the moment. We are at just about 200 m above sea level at Dinkling Green, so we’ve had a nice cooling breeze to go with our few days of sunshine but it has still been quite hot enough. I know it is much hotter everywhere else in Europe but we burn easily up here.


It’s hot and hard going, but look at the view.

On site we have removed a layer of extremely dense scree and found, beneath that, that there was a layer of very solid clay. Although we should be digging through an area that was part of the old calamine mine¹ so far all the deposits wouldn’t be unusual in an undisturbed scree outside a cave. It is fair to say that it has been fairly heavy going so far, we have been using the geology hammers a lot and sieving the sediments is hard work. However, from Wednesday onwards we have been finding occasional pieces of worked chert to encourage us in our belief that there was prehistoric activity in or around the cave. I got Nathan to wash these on Friday morning and they dried in about ten seconds in the heat so we were able to photograph some of the best bits to post here.


This one I found in the sieve on Wednesday morning. Quite a big flake of very fine light grey chert.


One of a pair of very large flakes of a similar grey chert which Eleanor found on Thursday afternoon. We are finding quite a lot of this grey chert on this site, which is interesting because on all the sites on New Laund Farm most of the chert was much blacker.


Much like this piece of dark grey/black chert here. Hopefully, as we get further into the clay layer next week we will start to get more of these chert pieces.


¹Just typing the words ‘old calamine mine’ has set the Scooby Doo theme off in my head


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