Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

The weather forecast for the next few weeks is most kindly described as mixed. As today was the first day of actual digging this season this is not great news. In an attempt to inject an up-tempo note to proceedings on the drive up to site today I tried to put a CD into the bus stereo. Despite me and Scott both fiddling, it took until about ten minutes from the end of the drive home before we found the on button and music ensued.


Once we were actually up on site, things generally went more smoothly. The rain held off until dinnertime and, as you can see, we were able to get the turf off our first two trenches. These are part of the large 20 x 20 metre area which we have called area R. They are both 6 by 4 metres and the one in the foreground here is over what should be part of the inner ditch of the Whitewell causewayed enclosure.


The other one, further to the south and west, is also 6 by 4 metres and it should have both more of the inner ditch but also a single large pit. This should be something like the pits we dug last year in areas N and M. As you can see by this time the rain had arrived and the total station needed to have its hat on.


This is where all that turf was ending up. We have fenced off quite a large area outside the trenches so that we can make sure that there is room to expand either trench as necessary without anyone having to get into the miserable task of moving spoil bags or turf stacks. The electric fence has been thoroughly tested by the nosiness of cows. Although we are still waiting for our new engergizer to be delivered, the old one seems to be doing a good job despite being mostly made up of electrician’s tape and solder.



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