Pretty Green

We are in the money, probably. I heard this afternoon that we were successful in our bid to get someone to examine our charcoal and pollen. I say probably because I heard from someone who was in the funding meeting that our bid was approved. We are not supposed to get the official results via email until Monday.

Presuming that our state of modified rapture is justified, this means that next week and the week after we are going to have to crack on with processing the last of the soil samples we took this summer. As it is a while since we used the flotation tank, I suspect that this will mean that there will be a trip to the builder’s merchants in the near future to replace the bits that have mysteriously vanished since it was last used. We’ll also be using our outdoor space under the canal arches for this job for the first time, new lights and water supply and everything. This is at least under cover but I have a feeling that it will be a bit chilly.


I have been marking undergraduate fieldwork reports all this week too. About half of these are based on our dig at Whitewell, so I’ve been looking at a lot of photos of various features being excavated. One common theme to almost all of them is that Mike is always there in the background, keeping a beady eye on people as they go about the task he has just taught them, and looking remarkably like Paul Holywood prowling around the Bake Off tent. Have Josh and George foolishly put the sugar in all the layers?

Urban wildlife of the day was the gigantic autumnal spider that one of the cats brought in to play with in the warm at ten to seven this morning. The first I knew about it was when my daughter appeared from the living room with it clutched in her toddler powergrip saying ‘Spider!’ very loudly. I was just thinking ‘Good, she’s not scared of spiders then’ when it recovered its wits enough to bite her on the finger. I exacted summary justice on the spider, disposed of the evidence outside and applied anti-histamine cream and sympathy. Since then she has been looking at the much smaller spiders in the hedge with a considering and vengeful eye.


  1. great news on your bid 🙂 glad to hear the little one is not scared of spiders….unlike me!

  2. Congratulations on getting your funding…

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