Festive Fledgelings

Today we were up on site in the morning as we had an archaeology walk to host as part of Festival Bowland. Everyone nobly gave up their day off to come and demonstrate archaeology in action.


In the event, there were too many puddles to do much work on site so everyone else went down to the barn to clean last week’s finds while I led the walk. DSC_0111

Despite the weather we had a very good turn out. After speculating a lot about the precise sequence we set off around the hill to look at some of the sites we excavated in previous seasons.

GIS screenshot

Mike has processed the data from the gradiometer survey that he, Connor, James and Scott have been doing over the last week. The main aim of this was to see what happened to the ditch in trench P. So far this looks very promising. The feature seems to follow the contour around the hill and return to enclose this bit of the plateau. Now we need to fill in the gaps by doing all the partial bits of grid near the fences and try and make it all join up. swallows

Many hungry beaks from the wildlife of the day. Despite our presence, the swallows that are nesting in the barn we use as a site hut have successfully hatched three chicks. Now all we have to do is remember not to leave equipment directly under the nest.



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