Sorry for the slight break in communications. I’ve been on holiday and then, as always seems to happen to me when I have time off, I have been a bit ill over the Bank Holiday. Over the years it has been noted that whenever I make some time for family life I am then immediately and mysteriously stricken with cold-like symptoms. Normally when this happens, if you are nimble with the paperwork, you can reschedule your leave for some hopefully less bug-stricken time in the future. Sadly, it appears you are not allowed to do this with Bank Holidays.


The other thing that has happened over Easter is that we have had the decision on our bid for a research council grant for the project. We were graded 3 (out of a possible 6). This means that the reviewers thought our project was ok but they didn’t think it was exciting or urgent enough to spend any cash on. We will be going back to the drawing board on this one next week once we are all back in work. However, as I have done in similar situations in the past, I will maintain the positive tone of the post by showing a pretty picture. In this case we have my Dad most of the way up a mountain.



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