Spring is in the air

So it must be time to think about the summer excavation. I have been out to New Laund today to talk to John about where we want to dig. I could probably have done this over the phone but they are lambing and I wanted an excuse to drive out there and take pictures of the knock-kneed newborns.


One of this morning’s being introduced to the world. Balmy weather compared to this time last year when all the grass was either dead or still under snow.


Daniel and his dog working mothers and slightly older offspring back up towards the buildings.


They are called legs, you use them for walking with.


I did also climb up the hill to site K to look at the area where we want to dig. There are lots of geophysical anomalies in this part of the farm that look intriguing. On the basis of the digging Jasmine’s team did last year we know this area was wooded in prehistory and that a lot of stone tools were made here, probably in the shelter created by a fallen tree.

NL14 proposedThis is what the gradiometer plot from Mike’s survey last summer shows. The red square shows where last year’s trench K was. John is happy for us to open three trenches this summer, marked in blue on the plot. I think the dark feature inside trench M is probably a prehistoric pit, it looks very similar to the big postholes on the timber circle in trench H last year. We have also decided to put a 2 metre wide trench across the large ditch. This is trench P and I expect this big feature to be medieval. As I have discussed before, we think it is a boundary for the medieval deer park. The big black blob in trench N may also be something to do with the deer park, or it could be another prehistoric feature.



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