Lets split up and look for clues

Because after all, it always works really well on Scooby Doo. Today was a lot cooler and cloudier than last week so, as well as being able to see the soil colour changes much better, it also seemed like a good day to open up a new trench.


This is trench K, which Jasmine is looking after. It is to the south of the enclosure and just above Fairy Holes wood. We placed it here because Pendle Heritage Centre Archaeology Group found Mesolithic flintwork around this spot in April. We have opened a 3 x 3 metre area and will dig through the various subsoil layers recording everything we find. So far we have worked chert from this area but nothing which it is easy to date.


We have also gone back to working on trench J, looking for the continuation of the enclosure ditch. Karl has removed more of the hillwash subsoil which covers up the prehistoric archaeology in this area and we are still confident that there is a large feature in this trench, just about where Josh is standing and mattocking. Whether it is large enough to be the ditch we are not sure yet, but it looks promising.


In the centre of the enclosure, on trench H, we have removed another 2 cm thick layer of soil and, after cleaning up, some more distinct features are becoming visible. The bit of site in front of Mike and Gwen is almost all undisturbed natural sub-soil, which is a very pale yellowish clay. The single feature in this area, which would be distinguishable even if Mike hadn’t drawn round it in line-marking paint, is the much darker brown soil fill of what is probably a large posthole. We are still covering every bit of the site we aren’t actually working on to try to keep it as damp as possible.

I re-rigged the electric fence this afternoon with the new wire. We then took the old orange twine down to the much smaller, battery-powered, fence we have just built around trench K. Hopefully it will be conductive enough for this much smaller circumference and the beasts will be kept off the archaeology there too.

Wildlife of the day was a fat lapwing standing on one leg in the field by Little Bowland road at the end of the day; it looked just like David Shepherd when the batting side are on 111.


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  1. mummy2daisy said:

    Hi. This sounds like a fab site. Love reading your updates. Wish I could join you but a bit far away and Daisy hasn’t even got her first trowel yet! 🙂

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