Santa’s Little Helper

This week Farther Christmas has been spending the evenings making Littlenose toys. This started out as a vague plan back in November to make a whole tribe of Neanderthals in my free time as a Christmas present. I had visions of pottering on with this every night, once the intended recipient was safely in bed, and amassing a range of figures and accessories. Obviously, this went the way of all the resolutions that I make every year about organised Christmas present buying. At the start of this week I had about half a Littlenose and was staring at a fairly tight deadline, but I have managed to complete Littlenose and Two Eyes.


They are made of Fimo modelling clay on wire-frames, hence their slightly Ardmanesque appearance, and Two Eyes used up every last scrap of red and brown Fimo in the box – so no more Neanderthals until I’ve had chance to go to the art shop again.

Don’t worry, this isn’t his sole Christmas present, so I’m not dooming him to social ostracism once school starts again in January. We have a loft full of Toys ‘r Us for which Santa will get all the credit: although the real kudos should go to his mother for dedicatedly hunting down discontinued Indiana Jones Lego on Ebay. Thanks to Andrea for the big box of Fimo which set the whole thing off in my mind.


  1. think you should have a module on archaeological themed crafting! love the mammoth’s toes

  2. Also I’m preferring primo sculpey for my jewellery making experiments…it requires less bashing than some of the FIMO!

    • I’ll look for that – our Fimo needed some serious kneeding to get it workable. At one point we had a production line going with Julia squashing away at it to get it vaguely workable before handing it on to me to add to Two Eyes. I’ll probably keep using up the Fimo too – we’ve got a great big box of it including a massive block of scary white-person flesh colour which is supposed to be for making the heads and hands of dolls – there will be a lot of Neanderthals in that.

      • yeah thats the problem with fimo! You can get special squishing things for it…and some people get pasta machines for the squishing.
        I’ve only really been doing bead making and stamping into it…comes out looking quite cool though 🙂
        Might have to get back into clay stuff not done any in ages

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