Separated at birth

I may be getting a bit obsessed with the Littlenose books. The BBC website has just unveiled their Prehistoric Autopsy recreation of the La Ferrassie 1 Neanderthal and he’s the spit of Uncle Redhead. They knew a thing or two on Jackanory.

This week, apart from searching the internet for Pleistocene looky-likeys, we have been catching up with digitizing the site drawings from trench C. This was the cutting we put over the outer bank and ditch of the enclosure. I had intended to work on the finds from this area this week, particularly the pottery. However, I realised quite early on that I didn’t have any finished plans of this area to work with so I decided to work on the drawings first of all.

This is a cross-sectional view of the deposits on the north side of the trench C: what we refer to as a section drawing. It’s an interpreted amalgamation of three much larger scale drawings that were done on site by Alex, Karl, Simon and Jasmine. You can see the sequence of silts in the ditch fill very clearly  and, just surviving on the eastern side, the very thin remnants of the bank (context C04).

This plan of trench C isn’t really finished yet, but I thought I would post it as far as I got by the end of the day. It’s a combination of site drawings done by Olaf, Karl, Alex, Jas and me during the last few days of the dig. It still needs some contours to properly show the shape of the bank and ditch. Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have got all these tidied up and some finds plots worked out: although next week is half term in Lancashire so don’t count on it.



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