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I finally made it back up to site on Friday. Just for a visit in the afternoon and it took me half an hour to hobble up the ten minute walk from the road to site D, but I did get there. ‘You’ve decided to come to work then?’ said Dave as I got to the trench: which, given all the stick I have given him over the last two years in lectures, seemed absolutely fair comment.

Everyone has moved a tremendous amount of soil while I have been away Trench D is now very intriguing. There are hints of darker patches and spreads of stones towards the centre of the trench but still no obvious structural remains. Most of the finds are still either worked stone or metalworking debris but there are also some odd pieces of what look like very strange hand made pottery vessels. I have a theory about what these are but I’m going to clean them up properly and do some more reading around before I go public with it. My general feeling is that there was some later prehistoric (that is Iron Age or Late Bronze Age, so the last 1000 years BC) activity on the hilltop but it would be nice to have clearer evidence for things like buildings to firm this up.

On trench C there is now a clear difference between the loose upper silts of the ditch and the subsoil to either side. There is very little in the way of finds here but our main priority will be to get down into the lower ditch fills, which should have formed in the first few winters after the ditch was dug, and see if this bit of the site is also Late Prehistoric.

It was also a good day for wildlife on the way up. I saw a Roe deer doe, a hare and stoat within about five minutes of each other, all along Little Bowland Road.



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