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The deposit in trench c (c2) appeared to be substantial so we resorted to the mattock to speed things up, finds were few and far between, well not at all. Limestone bedrock was beginning to show below the layer at the base of the ditch in the SE quadrant.

 We put a sondage into the SE corner of trench D to give us an insight into the type of stratigraphy expected across the remainder of the trench, this pit yielded a few pieces of chert including a couple of worked pieces. The remainder of the trench was divided into quarters to allow a greater level of control and a sense of achievement for the excavators. Chert and evidence of metal working in the form of slag, charcoal and coke continued to show up in this subsoil, there was also a trail of 5 or 6 stones following the line identified by the geophysical survey. The geology of these stones is yet uncertain as they were only just starting to appear.



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