Electronic dispatches

Mike has been emailing me and sending photos of how work is going on site.

 Trench D being cleaned for the 3rd time whilst Irene and Ella practice with the EDM.

Trench D after the 3rd clean

Trench C was quartered with the SE and NW corners excavated, I have not taken any photos yet as it needs reducing further tomorrow, but the limestone bedrock appears to be extending into the ditch. Ella, Irene R, Alex and Carl have all had a good practice with the total station, taking it apart and setting back up repeatedly, all can set it up from scratch without assistance. Ella, Irene R, Irene van Z, Danny, Dave W and Tom have all had practice finds recording and should be able to record and zap in finds unassisted.

Danii wasnt well this morning so David H and Alex F continued on trench E and then they both spent the rest of the afternoon washing finds in the barn.

Trench D has almost had its 4th clean with still nothing showing as far as features, I’m unconvinced by yesterday’s depression in the centre but can’t say for certain yet.



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