First finds

Wildlife of the day spotted before we even went on site today. There was a large hare sitting in the middle of the track up to Higher Fencewood farm, looking very unconcerned as we all stood around and watched. It had still moved before I could take its photo however.

We carried on cleaning up the surface in trench D this morning. The white squares on the surface are finds bags pinned in place waiting for us to record the location of each find with the total station.

Photo taken by Mike of trench D from the west., nicely showing the 1 tonne grab bags full of topsoil and the electric fence but also the surface clean nearly completed. The grab bags are great for giving a sense of achievement – ‘look, we’ve moved 3 tonnes since teabreak’ – don’t post to tell us that topsoil doesn’t weigh as much as aggregates, we’re happy with our illusions. Left to right: Irene, Alex, Vanessa, Pete, Danii, Alex, Dave, Karl, James, Danny and Jasmine.

About half of the finds from this clean were small fragments of burnt bone, the largest being a chunk of the mid-section of some sort of long bone. They are very white, which means they have been burnt to a high temperature but they are so small it is difficult to precisely identify them more than as just bone. There are also some flakes and chunks of blackish chert which looks as if it is the waste from making stone tools, similar to the pieces we found outside Mouse Hole last year.

Another shot of the cleaning of trench D taken by Mike from the north, showing the rest of New Laund Hill in the background. By afternoon teabreak we had finished this first clean of this trench and had started to clean up trench C too.



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